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Congratulations to Cami Johnsey for her entry! Thanks to all those who participated in the 2016 contest. Happy Father's Day!

“My dad is Randy Schwartz ….baseball is in our bones, my dad played pro ball way before me. He played for the Kansas City A’s (1965-1966). Growing up, I was the only girl with four brothers and we lived at the baseball field. I have memories of me being bat girl for the team my dad coached and brothers played on. I can remember running around eating abba-zaba and sunflower seeds. My dad did an amazing job at raising me and my brothers, and he also helped with raising my children. He is a stand up man – honorable, hard working, devoted to his family. Well into his 70s, he’s still working and helping me out when he should be thinking of retirement. As an adult, I have learned to love baseball. It is my favorite sport and I could watch it for hours, and it is something we have in common. I am a Cubs fan and will be forever. Number one on my bucket list is to go to as many baseball stadiums as we can and watch a game together. Wrigley would be cool. My dad is an amazing person.” – Cami Johnsey



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